Wellington Wrap Up

We’ve spent the last few days reacquainting ourselves with Wellington, so figured it was time to dust off the blog. It was 2015 when we were last here, but we’ve had a longer visit this time, so have had the chance to explore a few different things, and then revisit some favourites from last time. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to:

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Meanwhile, In Methven

As you will be aware from Sim’s previous post, I bailed VERY early from the skiing experience. As such, it fell to me to fill in a day by myself while Sim went up the hill (an expression I overheard some locals using at the pub). The town of Methven is pretty grim if you’re not into winter sports and/or putting non-traditionally-made pizza into your body. It’s basically just here to cater to snow tourism; what happens for the other nine months of the year I have no idea. Accordingly, I laced (zipped) up my boots and set out to achieve the following.

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