Op Shop Awesomeness II:Holy Opportunity Shop Batman

The Batman Game

After the success of our last op shop trip, yesterday we gave it another run. This time it was the Salvos store at Tempe, next to the currently-being-constructed Ikea store (can’t wait til that’s finished – imagine being able to browse retro-chic followed by Swedish design, with your choice of car park sausage sizzle, or production line hot dogs. Fantastic. Or is that just me?). I didn’t think it’d be possible to top the lawn bowls I found last time, but how wrong I was.

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Hiroshima & Miyajima Photos

Last week we had a go at cooking Okonomiyaki (my favourite quick meal in Japan). After revisting the food, I figured it was also time to revisit the blog and get some more photos up here. The home of Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima, so here are some photos from our time there, and the nearby island of Miyajima.

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