Here we are in Copenhagen, city of design and culture. So yeah, we’ve looked at some buildings, been to some museums, gazed at all the statues that have been donated to the city by the Carlsberg brewing company, admired the poster next to our hotel elevator entitled “A Century of Danish Chairs”, and generally been appreciative of all the cultural superiority.

Obviously, though, the highlight was today’s trip to the zoo.

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Accidental Aurora

I was out around Tromsø last night taking photos (the weather forecast was not looking good, so we decided not to try another light hunting tour), and this photo was one of the last ones I took in the night. At the time I thought I was just taking a photo of the bridge, so was rather amazed when I saw the shade of green in the sky. Turns out that even if you can’t see the Aurora, they can still be lurking behind clouds, and visible to a camera.