Op Shop Awesomeness II:Holy Opportunity Shop Batman

The Batman Game

After the success of our last op shop trip, yesterday we gave it another run. This time it was the Salvos store at Tempe, next to the currently-being-constructed Ikea store (can’t wait til that’s finished – imagine being able to browse retro-chic followed by Swedish design, with your choice of car park sausage sizzle, or production line hot dogs. Fantastic. Or is that just me?). I didn’t think it’d be possible to top the lawn bowls I found last time, but how wrong I was.

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Dead Letter Chorus

A few weeks ago my dear friends from Dead Letter Chorus asked me to record some cello parts for their new album. When chatting to Cameron from the band about the recording, the conversation drifted to websites (which inevitably seems to happen with me). Their latest single “Run, Wild” was about to be used in a commercial for a rather large car company and they wanted a simple site to help make the most of the exposure.

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Bringing Back The Blog

This blog has sat dormant for far too long, and with a new year beginning it seems an appropriate time to start using it again. Given all the posts thus far were written during, or about, our trip to Japan, and as there are no repeat visits on the agenda anytime soon, some new subjects of conversation are going to be required.

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