Mango Bay

So basically it’s paradise here.

The water is shallow and warm and calm and clear. If I walk out as far as I can while still touching the bottom, I can still see my feet just as clearly as my hands. There are little sand-coloured fish in the water near the shoreline and little sand-coloured crabs above it. It’s the perfect temperature, refreshing when you get in but not bracing, and the air is warm when you get out, so that you don’t start shivering on your way to your beach towel.

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Phu Quoc

Today, after a bleary eyed start and two flights, we’ve traveled from one end of Vietnam to the other. We’re on the island of Phu Quoc, south of the Mekong Delta, over near Cambodia. After the amount of to-ing and fro-ing we’ve done over the last few days, one of the most exciting things about being here is the prospect of being in the one place for more than one night.

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We’re currently in Dalat, a city which seems oddly familiar. It has pine trees, gum trees, bottle brushes and wattle. It’s built around a man-made lake. One of the main attractions here is a flower show. The city was built with the intention of being the capital of French Indochina. Yeah, that’s right, we’re basically in the Vietnamese version of Canberra.

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New Friends

It’s been a day of wildlife here at Cat Tien.

Well, we’d already had some wildlife experiences, as we have a tame frog that lives in our bathroom. He may have startled me into expletives when he unexpectedly jumped onto my leg last night, but mostly since then he’s been content to peer out at us and jump around the walls every now and then. I have yet to name him.

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