Op Shop Awesomeness

Dot Mc Niece

Holly’s birthday was last month, and she decided she’d like to spend the day op shopping. In Sutherland. Legend spoke of a trove of old dress patterns at the Sutherland Salvos store, so we bravely ventured south. It was here I encountered the suitcase of Dot McNiece.

I’d taken a quick look around and besides a copy of the It’s A Knockout board game (which I would have bought for sure, except there’s already one of them at my parent’s house somewhere), nothing else captured my attention. Holly was still going through a huge box of patterns, but she told me there was a blue suitcase I might be interested in.

Dot McNiece's Suitcase

Besides being a great looking suitcase, and having a previous owner with a great name, the case turned out to contain a set of lawn bowls. For the bargain price of $12 how could I refuse?

Lawn Bowls

Anyone up for a game? I’ll try and do you proud Dot.

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