What do you mean no robots?

Mos Burger

Our final meal in Tokyo did not compare favourably to the culinary highlights we’d experienced there. We wanted a quick bite before we got on the Shinkansen to Nagoya, so we headed to MOS Burger. Holly’s choice of a Yakiniku Rice Burger turned out to not be a burger containing rice, but a burger made of rice. It fell apart as soon as she attempted to pick it up – who’d have thought rice wasn’t a suitable substitute for bread rolls?

So we’re now in Nagoya where I was looking forward to checking out the Robot Museum – home to a gallery of robot related art, a robot showcase and a shop selling robots, robot spare parts, and robot paraphernalia. However upon trying to find some further information about the museum I discovered that it closed two years ago. I’m now trying to come to terms with having spent three weeks in Japan without seeing a single functioning robot. I was pretty impressed with a vertical parking lot I saw this morning – from what I could see the cars each had their own platform, and the attendant rotated it around until the right car was at ground level. Still, it’d have been much better if a robot then drove the car out.

One thought on “What do you mean no robots?”

  1. McRice? Has a ring to it I guess.
    I glad you had so many other culinary successes before this ever so slightly disappointing one.
    See you on the weekend.

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