Bringing Back The Blog

This blog has sat dormant for far too long, and with a new year beginning it seems an appropriate time to start using it again. Given all the posts thus far were written during, or about, our trip to Japan, and as there are no repeat visits on the agenda anytime soon, some new subjects of conversation are going to be required.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to do something vaguely creative every week*…not necessarily just meaning blog posts – it could be getting a new website up and going (I’ve got a bunch of half done projects that I’d love to get finished), could be some music or photos. I imagine I may feel inclined to write an occasional review, or note some random thoughts about random things. The only way to really find out is to stick with me (and Holly if she decides to start writing again too) over the coming weeks & months and see where we end up. I hope you enjoy the journey.

* Yes, I know it’s already the third week of the year, so even if this post counts, I’m still two items short. However I’ve already done a few things. Honest. More on that next time though.

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