¡Hola Barcelona!

After a pair of very annoying flights occupied by people put on this earth to increase my blood pressure*, we have touched down in peaceful, politically stable Barcelona. Everyone seems very chill for being dangerous revolutionaries, though Catalan flags are hanging from many, many buildings. Also signs that say “Hola Democràcia”, which seems like the most benign political slogan ever but I’m sure is actually very incendiary. Possibly the general air of goodwill owes something to the fact that a glass of decent wine in a restaurant here will cost you less than a bottle of water in a restaurant in Sydney.

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Here we are in Copenhagen, city of design and culture. So yeah, we’ve looked at some buildings, been to some museums, gazed at all the statues that have been donated to the city by the Carlsberg brewing company, admired the poster next to our hotel elevator entitled “A Century of Danish Chairs”, and generally been appreciative of all the cultural superiority.

Obviously, though, the highlight was today’s trip to the zoo.

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